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Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed? Not Sure Where to Turn?

Stress, anxiety, our past hurts, and the fear of the unknown can weigh us down from moving forward and feeling successful. Sometimes, life just switches things up on us and we may not know how to adapt to them in our everyday lives.

You may struggle to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others, and making decisions may seem impossible.

The good news is that life doesn’t have to stay this way.

Jonathan Abe, Therapist in Aiea, HI

Jonathan Abe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in HI MFT-669

Hi, I'm Jonathan Abe

I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist right here in beautiful Aiea, HI. I believe beginning therapy can be a big step towards becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life.

I became a therapist because I want to help people. I want to provide the support and guidance that I wish I had had when I was struggling.

I want to be there for people when they are going through tough times. I want to help them find hope and healing. I became a therapist because I believe in the power of human connection. I believe that we all need someone to talk to, someone who will listen without judgment and offer helpful insights.

I believe that therapy can change lives. If you are struggling, please reach out for help. There is no shame in seeking therapy. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. Therapy can help you to understand yourself better, to cope with difficult emotions, and to make positive changes in your life.

Therapy can provide you with the tools you need to make meaningful and lasting change in your life. You can live a life on purpose for a purpose.

Change and Healing are Possible

It’s not uncommon to feel stuck in life. It can feel like we’re going through the motions day after day, without any real sense of purpose or meaning. However, change is an integral part of life that provides us with the opportunity for growth.

When we take steps to build positive changes in our lives, we can begin to feel more fulfilled and empowered. Change can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be done alone.

Working with a therapist can provide you with the support and guidance you need to make lasting changes in your life. Together, we can explore the challenges you’re facing and create a path of healing and change.

You Can Live a Life of Meaning and Impact

One of the most wonderful effects of successful therapy is finding a sense of confidence and control over life again. For so long, we may have felt adrift – like life was happening TO us, instead of FOR us. But when we begin to establish healthy coping mechanisms and start to understand our triggers, we realize that we can actually steer our lives in the direction WE want them to go.

This newfound sense of control is incredibly empowering, and it opens up a whole world of possibilities for how we want to live our lives. We can finally start living on purpose – for a purpose. And that is an incredibly fulfilling way to exist.

Providing Faith-Based Therapy

As a therapist, I understand that faith can be an important part of my clients’ lives. For some, their faith is what helps them to get through difficult times.  I am happy to incorporate a faith-based approach into therapy for those who desire it. I believe that this can help to enrich the therapeutic experience and provide my clients with an additional source of support.

However, I also understand that not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. As such, I respect each individual’s right to choose whether or not they would like to incorporate their faith into therapy. Ultimately, my goal is to provide my clients with the best possible care and to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe in therapy.

Therapy Services in Aiea, HI

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