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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Dynamic Family Therapy is committed to serving the community of Aiea, HI, and its families

Our Mission

To provide an integrative and dynamic approach to therapy to fit individualized needs while incorporating a faith-based approach for those who would like to do so

Our Vision

Changing lives and changing families for the betterment of our community

Our Values

Inspire personal growth- Empowering to better oneself, break through barriers, reach their full potential, and live their happiest life.

Let’s not just go through life, let’s grow through life.

Sense of purpose- Recognizing you’re not where you want to be is a starting point to change your life. We can’t become who we’re meant to be by remaining what we are. Unlocking our inner purpose creates a forward-looking directionality that provides a vehicle for meaningful change.

Develop wholeness- Being grounded in all aspects of one’s self and well-being to be full and complete in alignment with what we feel is important. This is important when the ups and downs of life create potential challenges.

Value relationships- Relationships are a cornerstone in our lives that bring meaning and belonging. We are not alone nor were we meant to go through life alone. We want to share our best moments and memories with the ones we love the most. With increased open and honest communication, we can improve our connection and trust with others. 

If you’re a therapist who resonates with our mission, vision, and values, you may be a good fit for Dynamic Family Therapy. Visit our Employment page for current openings.


Dynamic Family Therapy LLC
99-149 Moanalua Road
Suite 201
Aiea, HI 96701