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Serena Naswothy, Therapist in Aiea, HI

Serena Nasworthy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Hi, I’m Serena Nasworthy

I’ve been shaped and molded on the shores of the Big Island, amidst the cascading waves and beneath the watchful gaze of Mauna Kea. The tapestry of my identity is woven with the threads of Hawaiian grace, resilience, and community spirit. Today, as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I extend my hand, inviting you to a journey where the ethos of Aloha permeates every step toward mental and emotional well-being.

Echoes of the Big Island

The island, with its tranquil silence and tumultuous storms, mirrored the diverse mental and emotional landscapes of its inhabitants. Witnessing the silent battles and whispered triumphs, the necessity of a sanctified space for mental healing became my calling. In the dance of light and shadow, amidst the island’s serene beauty and hidden tumult, my mission to nurture souls back to wholeness found its genesis.

Navigating the Seas of the Soul

Therapy, in my realm, is not a clinical transaction but a sacred odyssey. Here, you are not a patient but a cherished companion. Each session unfolds as a sanctuary where your innermost thoughts, enigmatic emotions, and intricate patterns of behaviour are not just explored but revered. Every revelation is a stepping stone; every unveiled mystery, a milestone towards a quality of life marked by understanding, harmony, and liberation.

The Altruistic Anchor

My journey is characterized by an innate pull towards the souls caught in life’s turbulent tides. Your stories of struggle, your moments of silence, and your echoes of unrest find in me, not just a therapist, but a witness, a validator, and a steady anchor. In the tumultuous seas of life’s challenges, I stand as the embodiment of the steadfast rock amidst the swirling waves of the Big Island.

Your Journey, Witnessed

As you traverse this digital landscape and your eyes grace these words, know that your journey, replete with its unique storms and serene moments, is worthy of being witnessed, heard, and honoured. Your steps, marked by courage and resilience, have led you to this moment of potential transformation. In this sacred space, the whispers of the Big Island echo the promise of healing, wellness, and a harmonious dance of the soul amidst life’s diverse landscapes. Are you ready to step into this dance?

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